PRIMESURVEY  s an independent inspection company rendering comprehensive inspection services in many aspects of cargo superintendence all over the world through its offices, representatives and partner companies. We conduct inspection activities in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov basin as well as in the CIS countries with the help of a coordinating office in Odessa.

he company has been founded in 1998 as a self-financed organization for the inspection of goods and vehicles in the sphere of international commerce. Since the time of its creation,  PRIMESURVEY has been rendering comprehensive services of good quality on inspection of vessels for compliance with the requirements of transportation, as well as inspection of metals, scrap metal, ores, fertilizers, fats and oils, grain and cereals, sugar and other goods at compatible prices.

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Our company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers reliable service and flexibility to our customers.

PRIMESURVEY has been recognized by many companies and parties involved in transportation process as an independent and unbiased surveying company. PRIMESURVEY is cooperating with insurance companies and P&I clubs in loss prevention and evaluation of the risks associated with all shipping-related operations. We perform our inspections in due time to the highest standard required to meet such international standards as GAFTA, ISO, FOSFA, GOST and others with issuance of the corresponding certificates. All analytical tests are carried out in the accredited laboratories.

The goal of our company is to protect the interests of our clients and provide accurate, reliable information about the vehicle/ship, quantity and quality of the products during shipment, handling and storage. Our top priority is to provide reliable information in due time to reduce risks of our customers to the minimum.

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PRIMESURVEY's policy is lying in following: giving timely warnings of any shortcomings and abnormalities; decreasing the likelihood of defects; helping to prevent delivery delays; eliminating financial losses or increased expenses caused by non-keeping of contractual terms..

Accurate weights and product quality are just two factors that need to be considered to meet contractual obligations. Our staff has necessary knowledge to carry out any professional inspection and is well-known by sellers/ buyers and collaborating inspection companies.

Our inspectors have considerable vehicle/ ship, marine and cargo survey experience, as well as a wide range of technical resources necessary to provide clients with a precise, high-quality service and assessment. Our inspectors are fully conversant with internationally accepted sampling and weighing procedures, enabling them to obtain a true reflection of the cargo's quality and final loaded/ discharged weight.

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We provide our clients with a wide range of high-quality inspection, quality assurance and related support services by a team of highly trained, diverse and experienced professionals using modern technology.

4, Novaya Str.
65012, Odessa, Ukraine
Tel: + 38 (048) 704 9697

34 Buckingham Palace Rd.
London SW1W 0RH, UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 77 90 88 93 14
Ports/centers of our service
Algeria Port of Algiers
Argentina Buenos Aires
Armenia Yerevan
Australia Sydney, Melbourne
Belgium Antwerp
Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria
British Isles Liverpool
Bulgaria Varna
Canada Montreal, Vancouver
China Hong Kong, Shanghai
Cyprus Limassol
Denmark Copenhagen, Aarhus
Egypt Alexandria, Demeitta, Port Said
Georgia Poti, Batumi
Greece Thessaloniki
Finland Kotka
France Rouen, Marseille
India Madras, Calcutta
Israel Ashdod, Haifa
Italy Livorno, Naples, Trieste, Ravenna
Japan Osaka, Yokohama
Kroatiia Rijeka
Malaysia Port Kelang
Mexico Tampico, Vera Cruz
Morocco Casablanca, Jorf Lasfar
New Zealand Auckland
Philippines Manila, Cebu
Portugal Lisbon, Oporto
Romania Constanza
Russia St.Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don
Singapore Singapore
Slovenia Koper
Spain Barcelona, Alicante, Sevilla, Valencia
South Africa Durban, Cape Town
Sweden Stockholm, Gothenburg
Thailand Bangkok
The Netherlands Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Tunisia Sfax, La Goulette, Radès, Bizerte
Turkey Istanbul, Izmir
UAE Dubai, Zayed Port, Port Khalid
Ukraine Odessa
Yuzhniy, Chernomorsk, Nikolaev, Mariupol
USA Huston, San Francisco, Baltimore
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
Other ports and in-land locations can be offered