carries out inspections of grain, oils, citrus plants, metals, fertilizers shipped in bulk, packages or containers.

Below you can find a detailed description of inspections carried out by our company for each type of cargo.


PRIMESURVEY undertakes inspection of all types of grain, seeds, sugar and container cargo traded and transported between ports or factories for either human or animal consumption. Through the presence at most international ports PRIMESURVEY carries out the inspection to ensure that all goods comply fully with the commercial specifications agreed between the contracting parties.

Usually the work with dry cargoes involves quantity and quality control, loading/discharge supervision, sampling and analyses at independent laboratories, warehouse control, tally inspection of bagged cargoes, hatch cleanliness inspection.

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In many situations, cargoes have to be transferred from one vessel to another, sometimes without tank storage in between, and discharge to road tankers often requires constant attendance.

Ullage of tanks may be required, as well as checking the history of the vessels and their cargoes, protection against admixtures and contamination, sludge measurements, tank calibration and tank cleanliness inspections.

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In view of a wide spread occurrence of multimodal transportation we can provide the clients with such service as quality and quantity verification of cargo at the points of manufacture, storage and stuffing into container.

This service also includes a container stuffing/unstuffing supervision at the ports of loading and discharging, correspondence of cargo with the contract specifications, photography, sealing/unsealing of container, etc.

The result of our work thus involves Inspection Certificates, Laboratory Certificates and other reports and documents that go to make up the mandatory supporting documentation for contracting parties, insurance companies, court instances and other institutions.

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We can ensure our clients an optimum service as regards inspection of cotton and verification of the condition of the product in both the pre- and post-production stages and during transportation, storage, transit and loading.

Our experience enables us to offer tallying, sealing, warehouse control, weighing control, quality control of finished cotton.

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